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Same-Gender Couples

There's a gap between being created equally and being protected equally.
We help you bridge it.
With so much change to the status of same-gender couples, how does it impact you? We help you identify your options.

Whether you are married, domestic partners or haven’t decided, you already know that marriage recognized by the Federal government comes with a range of benefits — from income taxes to more advantageous ways to bequeath and inherit money. You may have even experienced how being unprotected by the law can be mildly irritating, or financially and emotionally devastating.

In California, at the moment, you must decide whether to become Registered Domestic Partners or married. The rights and responsibilities are different. We walk you through the pros and cons and how each might impact your relationship.

At Financial Connections, we understand and empathize with the frustrating issues facing gays and lesbians — whether in a committed relationship or not. Single members of the LGBT community need to plan for their financial, health, and legal circumstances as well.

If you're interested in issues surrounding estate planning, investment management, tax preparation, or other financial planning services, you'll find a supportive atmosphere at Financial Connections. We welcome the chance to meet with you.


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No hidden costs. No referral fees.
As a fiduciary, we put our clients' interests first. Our compensation comes exclusively from you. If we don't directly provide a particular service, we can serve as a resource for referrals to other professionals. We don't accept referral fees, sales commissions, or any other compensation from any outside sources.

Minimum Fees:Financial Planning: $275 per hour
Investment Management: $7,500 annually

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