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Aging in Place

December 12, 2018

Kim Wohler recently attended a Financial Planning Association (FPA) meeting about Aging Clients. The panelists were from different professions serving the aging community. Below are some notes we wanted to share.


If someone wants to stay at home as she/he ages, below are some items for discussion.

  • Are they close to a grocery store and restaurants?
  • Are they near medical care?
  • Do they want to have interaction with others?
  • Is their home aging friendly?
  • Are they willing to use technology so family/ friends can monitor their wellbeing (suggest a camera on the floor of bedroom so you can see if the parent has fallen)
  • Who will be in charge of home maintenance (many older people do not realize how dirty their home is because they cannot see well)
  • Who will handle day-to-day finances? There is an organization called American Association of Daily Money Managers you might want to explore. https://secure.aadmm.com/
  • Is someone designated to drive to the doctor’s appointments


Other technology that can help age in place.


We are not endorsing any of these vendors. This is a list we’ve gathered from various sources. It can be used as a starting point to customize service required.


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