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An Interesting Time To Come Out

August 25, 2022

The Wall Street Journal published an article June 30, 2022, “As Workers Come Back, More Are Coming Out.” The article focused on a number of individuals who had been working remotely but came out as gay when returning to the office.

Two reasons cited:

  • Didn’t want to have to “wear a mask” at work
  • Integrated work life with personal life

Studies are underway assessing how the pandemic impacted the workplace. It appears not being closeted at work is an example of the change.

In a Gallup recent survey, 7.1% of adults identified as LBGT while only 5.6% did in 2020.

We’ve seen numerous articles on work-life balance. It appears this is another example of fulfilling that goal.

Still, it is a gamble career wise though perhaps the gamble is declining. According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), 379 companies participated in the Corporate Equality Index that measures inclusion of this community. Of that number 138 companies were first time participants.

Certainly, movement in the right direction.


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