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Brian Pon Inspires

September 30, 2020

Brian Pon received NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) Inspiring Leaders Award. Below is his acceptance speech.

It is June 28th, 1997. I am an aspiring career changer.

I attend my first meeting of the NORCAL Study Group in the San Francisco Bay Area, hoping to find entry into this profession. NORCAL is the financial planning fee-only study group. It is one way we earn continuing education credits.

I was immediately inspired by the knowledge and professionals in that room.

Less than 3 years later, my future employer and business partner is at that meeting.

Six years after that, I lead the Study Group.

Fourteen years later, this award means that the members and the over 30-year history of the NORCAL Study Group are properly honored!

And I cannot help but think that there are young prospective planners and also career changers that our meetings will help in the future.

I want to shout out my wife Jen—our life decisions led me on this path—family, and friends watching this on a recording.

And, I should take this moment to mention some of those who inspire me professionally.

  • First, I should start with my business partner Jill Hollander and my colleagues here at Financial Connections Group. 20 years later, they inspire me to this day.
  • Second, I know that this award is not for me, but I am pleased to accept it on behalf of NORCAL’s attendees and the volunteers over the years. They make the meetings happen. Committee members Cynthia Flannigan, Lavina Nagar, Autumn Kruse, and Don Bittner and Heidi Tennant of NAPFA just completed our first virtual meeting.
  • Finally, I am inspired by you, the NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, for committing to the highest ideals of client-centered financial advice. I am always in award-winning company with you.

Thank you.



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