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Can 529 Plan Money Be Used For Something Other Than College?

February 06, 2019

A 529 plan is a mechanism to save for college education. Many states have a 529 plan. The attraction is you can invest money in the plan and it grows tax free plus can be withdrawn tax free. The money must be used for a qualified education expense. Examples are college tuition, books, room and board. Below is just one of the many websites listing qualified expenses.


What if a child isn’t going to go to college yet money has been saved? How do you avoid a penalty and taxes? A recent example cited in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, August 2018, was a grandson diagnosed with autism.

  • Name a new beneficiary to the 529 plan to use the funds
  • The beneficiary attends a U.S. military academy
  • You can withdraw $10,000 annually to pay tuition from Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Potentially transfer 529 money, up to $15,000 to an A.B.L.E for people who develop a qualifying disability before age 26.


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