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Develop Your Support Team

February 22, 2024

It can range from someone to handle household chores because it has become physically difficult to chiropractor visits for a bad back.

The reality is as we age, we need to build our support team. Kiplinger’s Retirement Newsletter suggests starting in your 50s to develop what they call your entourage. Using Jill as an example since she is the oldest at Financial Connections, she has put together a support team that includes.

  • Physical therapist to strengthen hips and knees
  • Chiropractor for some back pain
  • Handyperson (hard to find) to climb ladders and work on the house
  • Multiple types of doctors beyond just a primary care
  • Personal trainer to keep the body in shape and flexible
  • Tai Chi instructor

Another issue if you live with someone, depending on who passes first, is what help might the survivor need to pick up the deceased chores and activities? Does the survivor need help with transportation? Bill payment? Buying food?

It seems we tend to slowly gather the help we need but it might be more effective to actually write down who does what in a more systematic fashion and make it available for those closest to you.


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