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Fee-only Financial Planning Based on Your Individual Needs

The journey begins when you decide a financial planner can help move your financial life forward. How we assist you depends on the relationship you’d like to establish.

Some people just have one or two areas of focus (Project-based) while others prefer a more expansive program (Subscription-based).

Areas might include but are not limited to:

Financial Goal setting and monitoring

Assistance identifying future goals and monitoring your progress.

Savings, Spending and Emergency Fund

Review your spending and savings pattern to identify how you might be more efficient saving for the future; identify what you should have in reserve “just in case” you need money unexpectedly or quickly.

Employer Retirement Plan Review

Suppose there are three pages of choices for your employer plan; which ones might be best for you? How do you coordinate it with your spouse/partner’s plan?

Risk Management and Insurance Review

Which types of insurance should you have and for how much? Does what you have seem adequate?

Retirement/Transition Planning

Are you on track saving for retirement? How do you “pay yourself” once in retirement? What are you going to do with your life after you retire from your job?

Estate Planning

Do you have an estate plan? Is it set up the way you want? Do you have the right beneficiaries on the right accounts?

Personal Financial Statement

Identify your income, expenses, assets and debts. Use it as a baseline for tracking your progress.

Workplace Benefits

There are lots of choices; which ones are the most applicable to you? If you are a two-person household, whose plan might be better?

Education Planning

How much should you be saving and in what types of accounts?

Investment Review with Asset Allocation Recommendations

You might want help reviewing and analyzing your multiple accounts to provide a global overview. Are they appropriate based on your financial goals?

Social Security, Pension Review and Recommendations

What strategy is best for collecting your benefits given your financial circumstances?

Project-based Financial Planning

If your focus is a specific area such as a retirement planning, we ask that you complete a questionnaire and spending worksheet prior to our first meeting. Once received, we set a date for the “get acquainted” meeting. This is a complimentary meeting.

We will provide an estimate of the cost of the project at the end of the meeting (calculated by the number of hours for the project times our hourly rate). If you would like to proceed, a written proposal of the project outlining the plan output will be sent with a list of additional documents we may need to start the plan.

Once the plan is prepared and presented, our relationship is finished unless you contact us again in the future.

Subscription-based Financial Planning

If you prefer an ongoing relationship that helps organize the various facets of your financial life and action steps to put your “financial house in order,” we suggest our quarterly subscription service.

The quarterly subscription price depends on the complexity of your circumstances. Each step is a launching pad to the next one as life and finances grow in complexity. Examples:


(quarterly fee $300-$725)


(quarterly fee $750 – $1,000)


(quarterly fee $800 – $1,500)

Getting your finances organized is the first step to building the framework for the future.     

– Are my goals realistic?

– How am I managing my cash flow?

– Am I saving enough?

– Where should I put my savings?

– Have I found a balance between savings and paying off debt?

– Am I utilizing company benefits for my situation?

– What insurance do I need at this point?

– Resource for questions

Life continues and you have multiple goals that may compete with each other. There is more complexity to your finances.

–  Identify cash flow and net worth to establish a starting point

–  Are you thinking of buying a house?

–  Are you thinking of starting a family?

–  Do you need to save for children’s education? Retirement?

–  Have your insurance needs changed?

–  How are your assets invested? Is it compatible with your goals?

–  Do you have basic estate documents?

–  Resource for questions

As we age, there are more variables in our life and a cohesive plan to articulate our journey keeps us on the path to our goals.

Tasks from Step 2 plus in-depth dive into:

–  Estate plan review

–  Pre-retirement and post-retirement plan

–  Stock options

–  Insurance coverage

–  Inheritance

–  Investment review of multiple accounts

–  Resource for questions

We establish a quarterly calendar to move through the different facets of your life and your finances. The goal is to develop a roadmap that aligns the strategies and goals.


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