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Investment Management that Puts You First

We are fiduciaries. That means we put your interests ahead of our own. When we provide investment management, we accept no fees from the investments that we recommend. We use our decades of experience to create your investment portfolio.

We offer two options for managing your investments:


We start with your goals, your time frame, and perhaps most importantly, your risk tolerance (the degree of fluctuations in your investment returns that you are willing to withstand).

 Customized Portfolio*

For our customized portfolios, we use a global core-satellite approach – a combination of passive (index style) for the core and active (stock/bond selection) investments for the satellite. We may also use the satellite to emphasize a theme. We view this as part of our diversification strategy.

We do not try to “beat the market” but rather invest to achieve your financial goals within the risk tolerance identified.

Your financial plan serves as a guide for portfolio design. As part of the plan, we review such issues as:

  • Your stage of life
  • Your risk tolerance
  • How much do you need?
  • When do you need it?
  • What is your tax situation?
  • Do you have gifting plans?

We believe that financial resources are built over time, not overnight.

We design the portfolio as a team. We believe this approach allows the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

You can view your investments 24/7 on your personalized, secure, website (portal).

Portfolio design concepts

  • All-Weather Portfolio
    • Portfolio in line with retirement projections
    • Moderating fluctuations on downside as well as upside
    • Goal is to lose less in down markets & participate in up markets
    • Global scope: Include global bonds as well as global stocks
  • Diversification
    • Investments whose goals differ from one another
    • Investments that perform differently at different times
    • Preference for diversified investments
    • Stocks, bonds, short-term, & alternative/specialty strategies
  • Risk Management Is Primary
    • Attempt to moderate risk, not chase returns
    • We select specific investments based upon risk & reward profile
    • We construct portfolios based upon risk & reward profile
  • Unique Skilled Management
    • Experience
    • Good corporate culture
    • Often “boutique” or specialized investment managers
      • Global mandate to select investments not limited by geography
      • Flexible strategy to seek opportunities beyond a limited/narrow mandate or to manage risk across investment classes
    • Large Ownership Stakes
      • Managers have their own money invested along side of our own money & our clients’
      • They share investment & tax results with us & our clients
    • Low Ongoing Expenses
      • Load/commission funds are available “no-load” to our clients
      • Often use “Institutional” funds unavailable to most investors

*Minimum $400,000


FC Digital  (digital/robo advisor)**

 We offer a digital investment management solution for clients who want to take advantage of our investment management expertise and a digital experience.

Based on your response to our risk tolerance questions, we will apply a portfolio allocation model to your investments.

You complete the new account paperwork for your investments to be moved to our custodian, Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.. In the electronic package for opening your account will be our Management Agreement and Disclosure Statements (Form ADV Part 2A, 2B and Privacy Statement).

If there are tax issues or other concerns regarding a specific holding within the portfolio you currently hold, we will have a conversation about how to proceed. Your account statements will be provided via an online website that also provides performance data.

We offer two – 30 minute teleconferences per year to discuss portfolio strategy.

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**Minimum $10,000


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No Hidden Costs. No Referral Fees. No Commissions.

As a fiduciary, we put our clients' interests first. Our compensation comes exclusively from you. If we don't directly provide a particular service, we can serve as a resource for referrals to other professionals.

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