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Hit The Road Jack

August 12, 2021

Ray Charles sang a song titled “Hit the Road Jack.” A lot of families are taking this title literally. The RV business is booming. Many people view this as a great way to travel without exposing themselves to airports or hotels. And as a bonus, if you have the right vehicle, you can even work remotely.

The Oscar-winning film “Nomadland” positively reinforced this type of travel.

The online RV rental and outdoor travel marketplace saw record sales in 2020. One company, Outdoorsy, saw a 4,600% surge in business between April 2020 and October 2020! They reported millennial RV reservations increased 70% between 2019 and 2020.

A word of caution. You don’t just buy or rent an RV, jump in and take off. You need to learn about such things as:

  • When to extend the slide-outs
  • Propane shut off before filling with gas
  • Toilets and wiper fluids
  • Where is your breaker box?
  • Using the heater
  • How and where to connect spigots and tubes
  • Emptying waste water tank


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