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Never a Dull Moment

October 03, 2018

After the significant market decline that was triggered with the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy 10 years ago, it began rising in March 2009. We’ve yet to have a correction (decline of 20% or more). That does not mean we haven’t had significant events each year that might have triggered bear market. It means the markets ignored the events and viewed only positive news.

Below is a list of events looking back to 2008.


2008    Lehman Brother Bankruptcy; Bailouts of Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

2009    Global Recession and Economic Crisis

2010    Wikipedia releases classified documents; BP Oil Spill, Haiti Earthquake

2011    Fukushima earthquake and tsunami; North Korea’s new president Kim Jong-un

2012    China’s Xi Jinping elected; second Greek bailout; 9/11 violent protests in Middle East

2013    Quantitative easing (aka Taper Tantrum); Boston Marathon Bombing; Snowden releases NSA classified documents

2014    Annexation of Crimea by Russia; fighting in Ukraine

2015    Chinese Yuan devaluation; Russia intervenes in Syria

2016    Brexit; North Korea conducts missile and nuclear tests; Russia interferes with the U.S. election

2017    Rise of cryptocurrencies; North Korea continues tests; Trump’s Tariffs


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