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Ouch! Two-Factor Authentication

April 21, 2022

Comic about 2Factor Authentication

Rhymes With Orange ©2022 RWO Studios, Dist by King Feathers Syndicate, Inc.

We don’t like it either but in order to keep confidential information safe, we need to use it. To give you a flavor of how it works at the office – each of our cloud-based software products are set for two-factor authentication. Each of us had to provide our cell phone number to the vendor.

Every time we login to perform an activity, we receive an authentication code. Then to add insult to injury, if we aren’t actively using the software, it logs us off automatically. And AGAIN, we login with two-factor authentication.

So, if you happen to walk down our hall and hear someone grumbling, you know why!

In all seriousness, the bad guys are everywhere and any step you can take to preserve your information, including using two-factor authentication, is time-consuming but worthwhile.


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