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A Secure Retirement Doesn’t Just Happen

Life expectancy continues to rise, changing the way we think of retirement. We view retirement as a life transition. With many people spending one-third of their lives in this phase, Financial Connections helps you to define your vision of this period through our retirement planning services.


Retirement Planning

Our specialty is retirement planning. We help identify where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Do your resources match with your future goals?

Are you utilizing the Social Security Strategy that best fits your circumstances? What type of Medicare option(s) will you select? What about long-term care planning?

We ask that you complete a questionnaire and spending worksheet prior to our first meeting. The “get acquainted” meeting is no charge. We will provide an estimate of the cost of the project and additional documents we may need to prepare the plan.


Retirement Income and Withdrawal Strategies

Many of us receive a paycheck during our working life. In retirement, we must create a new type of paycheck. When we work with you to develop a financial plan for retirement, we will help you review your resources so that you can create a retirement paycheck to live on.

This is a complex topic. A retirement paycheck needs to balance your expenses, the risk of running out of money prematurely and your legacy requirements. It is an art, not a science since we don’t know how long we will live nor the cost of our health care during our later years.


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