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Seniors and Robot Cars

December 27, 2017


One of the benefits for seniors is the advent of Lyft. Perhaps we don’t want to drive at night or we can’t drive anymore. Now we don’t have to stay at home, we can hire Lyft to take us to an event, visit friends, etc. And the best part, we don’t have to look for a parking place or pay money to park!

Also on the horizon are self-driving cars. At The Villages Golf & Country Club in San Jose, there are 7.5 miles of private roadways. Voyage, a start-up in Silicon Valley, is testing three Fusion self-driving cars within the community.

According to an article by Carolyn Said in the San Francisco Chronicle, Rossmoor in Walnut Creek is hoping Voyage will test their self-driving cars in the complex.

One of the difficulties in aging is isolation. With such a mobile society, if we can’t drive to an activity because our eye sight declines, reflexes slow, etc. we spend more time at home, sometimes, alone.

This new technology will be put to good use in the senior community.



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