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The Generational Changing Stock Market

August 26, 2021

For many people approaching or in retirement, years were spent painstakingly investing money year by year. Balancing your tolerance for risk when the market declined with the growth needed to support your lifestyle when you left your job.

You were raised on the idea that fundamentals were important when buying stocks. In more recent years, don’t look at each stock but go with low-cost index investing.

That world has been turned upside down by the Gen X generation. So far, they aren’t worried about risk of owning too few stocks or about each stock’s fundamentals.

You can make trades from your phone using the Robinhood app. You can read Seeking Alpha. It will tell you trends so you can just go ahead and buy. Read something Elon Musk said, buy Tesla. Read about bitcoin – buy it through Coinbase. Use leverage, sure.

Why diversify when Tesla rose 800%. Saw the Reddit information, buy GameStop. What to do with the proceeds? Buy crypto art. Whether these changes continue may depend on how long the market continues to go up without a major correction.

Still, it is important to note the change shown by upcoming investors.


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